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Bao Bei Owns the Asian Food Game in Medellin

Bao Bei is a Southeast Asian restaurant in Medellin. Its flavors are all Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and Filipino.  This well-loved foodie joint is the only child of Ian and Nathaly, a Filipino-Colombian couple with a heavy background in cooking for almost 20 years. Bao Bei has only a few tables and a bar. The moment the doors open, there are already names on the list to get inside. The lighting is intimate, the kitchen is open, and on one wall, they have a mural by Andres Mejía, a popular mural

7 Blogs About Living in Medellin

We love when people create their own little sphere about what Medellin is to them. Catalyst is technically the same thing. This is what Medellin is to us, Anton and Ximena, a couple o’ young people working online while living in Medellin. The best thing about having a variety of voices talking about the same city is the variedperspectives you get. So it’s only fair to pick out unique perspectives of the city, of people who have individual stories and a story to tell.

At Elefun Spanish School You’re Part of the Family

Elefun Spanish School is a new school teaching ELE (Spanish as a foreign language) right in Laureles. Their name comes from the fact that they make ELE, Español como lengua extranjera, fun and the figure of the elephant: loyal, noble, loving to their family. We can say that they certainly created their entire business plan around these values. From the moment you decide to learn Spanish (whether abroad or in Colombia) you can count on them to get your started.
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